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Personal projects
Thesis In Studio: Hip-Hop as an End to the Status Quo
In a world where hip-hop's universal and democratic resonance defies time and place, our project celebrates its enduring power. We blend the artistic appropriation of hip-hop with typography, explore its far-reaching impact beyond its origins, and bridge the past and present through technology. From casual listeners to die-hard fans, our niche zine, a 16-page broadsheet publication, connects audiences to the visual language of hip-hop and its profound significance as a cultural force, echoing the beats, rhymes, and design aesthetics that have shaped generations worldwide.

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St. Patrick's Day Festival: Irish Hip-Hop Against Homelessness
The visual identity I curated not only celebrated the vibrant hip-hop culture but also served as a powerful platform to voice the increasingly untenable housing situation. Infused with elements of activism and social consciousness, the branding became a rallying point, channeling the energy of the event towards addressing this pressing issue. This project exemplified the transformative role of design, bridging artistic expression with a call for change, making a meaningful impact on both the event's atmosphere and its charitable mission.

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UP NEXT: Documentary Premiere
My contribution to 'Up Next' extended beyond creating promotional assets; it aimed to provoke a shift in perspective regarding hip-hop culture. Through a contrasting visual style that was clean, well-balanced, and meticulously presented, I challenged conventional notions of hip-hop as underground, dirty, and rough. By infusing sophistication into the promotional materials, I encouraged viewers to rethink their perceptions of hip-hop, not only in Dublin but also as a force in integrating multiple cultures in one place. This innovative approach not only elevated the documentary's image but also served as a catalyst for broader conversations about hip-hop's role in cultural fusion and artistic expression.

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Soul Doubt Magazine
In September 2017, I founded Soul Doubt Magazine; a contemporary cultural publication focussing on Dublin's undergound creative scene. I managed a small team of volunteers to produce content for the website and social media platforms. I planned and produced three print publications, organised several live ticketed events and collaborated with other creative agencies on video content for platforms including IGTV. Soul Doubt grew to 3000+ followers on Instagram.

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About me
I’m Shane McAuley, a graphic designer from Dublin (Ireland), currently living in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). In my spare time you might catch me DJing or on the golf course. I'm almost always listening to something through my headphones.

In 2017, I founded a print publication called Soul Doubt Magazine alongisde my university studies. This became my passport to talk to every creative person I knew in Dublin. Over the next few years, I published dozens of podcast episodes, online articles and social media content about the processes of creative work across music and visual art. My experience as editor-in-chief shaped a practical, DIY approach to reaching audiences online. Since graduating, I have worked professionally at several international companies focussing in graphic design and creative content.

After graduating in 2021 from Technological University Dublin, I decided to move to The Netherlands to work as a graphic designer. Since then I have had the priveledge to work both in-house at companies and within design studios for international brands at every scale.
o9 Solutions, Inc
September — Present
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Design Coordinator
Paramount Pictures
April 2023 — August 2023
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Studio GAAR
April 2022 — March 2023
Haarlem, The Netherlands
Creative Producer
November 2021 — March 2023
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Joolz (internship)
August 2021 — October 2021
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3+ years professional experience
Certified Webflow Template Designer
Accepted to Wix Playground Academy 2022
LinkedIn Certificates: Adobe Creative Suite
Produced “Workflow” IGTV series (District Magazine)
BA Design & Visual Communication
Institute of Designers in Ireland member
Created Soul Doubt Magazine
Bachelor of Arts — Design & Visual Communication
School of Art and Design (Grangegorman)
Technological University Dublin
Adobe Creative Cloud
Editorial design
Visual identity
Creative content for social media
Motion design
Website development
Design for screens and print
User experience / user interface
Creative direction
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Radio show: Party Pleaser Mix
Inspired by a renewed interest in live radio and curated playlists, I purchased some Pioneer DDJ-400s and dived into Rekordbox for the first time. I uploaded my first mix on 12/07/21, with much yet to learn. By sharing these mixes, my aim is to provide the perfect soundtrack for your day. This episode features lots of classic disco pop nostalgia vibes — perfect for the last hour of work on a Friday.

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